Children and Adolescents

Teens, just like adults, can benefit greatly from counseling. Adolescent therapy helps teens deal with specific emotions. It can also help navigate challenges facing adolescents, manage life stressors, and adjust to major changes. The support of a psychology professional can help teens understand themselves better, express themselves, make better decisions, and live emotionally balanced lives. Adolescence is a crucial time of developmental transition from adulthood. Teen years are characterized by exploration, novelty-seeking, goal setting, risk-taking, social interaction, and the continued development of critical reasoning skills.

Because of their still developing, emotionally driven brains, teens are vulnerable to extreme emotions, underdeveloped impulse control, and why Teens benefit from therapy.

Adolescents experience emotions more intensely than adults. This can lead to extreme feelings of euphoria, anger, or sadness depending on the circumstance. Teens are at risk for anxiety and depression. In fact, depression is the most common emotional health issue facing teens. More than 3 million teens suffer depression ( ) youth ages 12 to 17 have at least one major depressive episode. 

Here are some key challenges therapy can help your teen with:

  • Anxiety
  • Sexuality
  • Depression
  • Peer pressure
  • Social anxiety
  • Gender identity
  • Academic pressure
  • Homelife struggles
  • Communication skills
  • The stress of social media
  • Bullying (in school or on social media)
  • Live changes (divorce, attending a new school or moving to a new state)

You can help your teen function best

Therapy helps teens understand the root cause of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and gives adolescents the tools to make beneficial changes to help them feel and function better. Counseling helps teens work through issues and empowers them to use what they learn to find solutions to the issues they face. Attending counseling sessions can help improve teen's self-confidence, overall mood, and self-esteem. Through therapy, teens learn and strengthen vital skills such as emotion regulation, effective communication, empathy, assertiveness, and self-awareness. Teen mental health Counseling is beneficial for teens experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. If you notice your teen showing signs of psychological or behavior issues, we urge you to contact Wellness Road Psychology to schedule an appointment.

Counseling isn't just for teens experiencing mental health issues. All teens can benefit from therapy. Be aware and if your teen is struggling, we can help.

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